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One of the most popular reasons a scaffolder may receive callouts from clients in Epsom is the need for chimney renovation.

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Scaffolding for chimney repair in Epsom

There are a number of reasons why you might require scaffolding services, from painting and decorating work to new build housing development. One of the most popular reasons a scaffolder may receive callouts from clients in Epsom is the need for chimney renovation.

Chimneys can be damaged in storms or their brickwork may deteriorate over an extended period of time. Experts recommend that, for all but the lowest of chimneys, scaffolding be erected to allow for regeneration work to take place. We are expert scaffolding erectors and can set up a safe and sound structure at an affordable cost.

Why Scaffolding for Chimney Repair?

A scaffolder is needed for the vast majority of chimney repair operations as working while positioned on a slanted roof, or having to edge and lean over a roof edge to access out of reach parts of the chimney, is highly dangerous. However, standard tower scaffolding doesn’t always allow for proper access to a chimney, especially in Epsom where there are many grandiose properties with tall and ornate chimneys.

Our scaffolding erectors will put up a specialist structure tailored to your property that enables proper access to the whole chimney. It’s worth noting that most builders in Epsom will refuse to work on a chimney if scaffolding is not in place, as it can be dangerous to rely purely upon ladders and crawler boards.

Making the Most of it…

Before a scaffolder erects a structure to allow for chimney restoration, why not consider if you could carry out other high level property repairs? If there’s work you can take care of alongside the restoration, our scaffolding services firm can set up a multi-purpose structure which allows you to both have your chimney seen to, as well as your gutter and fascia boards, for example.

Remember, an L&A scaffolder is highly trained and insured, so if you need scaffolding erectors in Epsom for a chimney repair project, give us a call. We can provide a range of affordable scaffolding services.

L&A Scaffolding Ltd is contactable on 01883 348 600. We urge clients in Epsom in need of scaffolding services to give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote.


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