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The L & A Scaffolding Ltd team enjoys custom from commercial, domestic and industrial clients all across Croydon.

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All types of scaffolding for Croydon clients

The L&A Scaffolding Ltd team enjoys custom from commercial, domestic, and industrial clients all across Croydon. If you need friendly and fast scaffolding erectors with many years of experience, then we’re the firm for you.

On this page, we have listed the different types of scaffolding there are. A scaffolder will generally select one depending on the type of scaffolding services they are providing a client in Croydon.

Supported Scaffolding

This is the most common type of scaffolding employed by our scaffolding erectors. It is very cost-effective and allows the scaffolder to build up to great heights, fixing numerous supports to ensure the structure is safe. The more weight the scaffolding needs to take and the higher it needs to reach, the more supports are used. Supported scaffolding is used for a wide variety of scaffolding services in Croydon, and is considered a very safe option.

Suspended Scaffolding

This variety is commonly installed by a scaffolder catering for tower block window cleaners. It is usually suspended from a roof or from a tall construct and is employed by scaffolding erectors when building a base to the scaffolding is either very impractical or entirely impossible. You may also see suspended scaffolding employed when repairs need to be carried out on the upper floors of a tall building.

Rolling Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding does what it says on the tin, rolls! Wheels are attached to the bottom so workers utilising it can move it along once they have finished using it in a fixed location. Our firm recently provided a client in Croydon with rolling scaffolding as they were painting the upper region of the inside of a building with very high ceilings. Rolling scaffolding removes the need for erecting massive amounts of fixed scaffolding, which can prove much more expensive. If you require rolling scaffolding services, L&A Scaffolding can help.

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