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What Sets Apart Our Scaffolding Erectors in Surrey?

There are a number of scaffolding services firms operating around Surrey, but not all can claim to have as high a standard of work as L & A Scaffolding Ltd. Our scaffolding erectors go to great lengths to ensure the services they provide are not only top quality, but delivered in a friendly and fast manner. If you are looking to hire a scaffolder, you should consider a number of factors.


What to Look for When Choosing a Scaffolder…


Health and Safety

It’s essential that if you hire a scaffolder, they’re well versed in health and safety standards and take care to ensure what they erect is structurally sound. Many scaffolding erectors attempt to blitz through jobs by doing slapdash work, cutting corners by skipping the planning stages and avoiding certain tie-offs and supports. At L & A Scaffolding, we put the safety of our employees and clients above all else.



Why hire an unproven amateur scaffolder when you can use scaffolders renowned for their fast and friendly services? Not many can claim to be known far and wide as a customer-focused scaffolding services firm. But our public contracts have led to the L & A team enjoying many pleasant interactions with members of Surrey and South London communities. Reputation matters to us. Our team wears L & A Scaffolding branded clothing and our vehicles display our logo. We hope that you’ll take into consideration our reputation when considering which scaffolding erectors to hire.



Not only do we offer free quotes on all proposed work, but we ensure that our scaffolding services are competitively costed. We don’t just want to be known as the top choice for scaffolding quality in Surrey, but also the top choice for price! Your needs and budget will be taken into consideration, and we will craft a bespoke scaffolding plan for you which we will ensure is both affordable and convenient.



Whether you need scaffolding for work on new build properties in Surrey, renovation work, roofing repairs, extension development, general building maintenance, chimney repairs or an emergency situation – L & A Scaffolding can help. Not every scaffolder can provide scaffolding services in such a range of situations. So make sure you select one which will be able to capably carry out the work you hire them for!



It’s a massive risk to trust an amateur scaffolder to put up scaffolding which won’t collapse. We’ve heard horror stories of scaffolding falling and causing thousands of pounds worth of structural damage to property and vehicles. Worse still, when someone is seriously injured. Our scaffolding erectors in Surrey are both highly qualified and insured, so you can rest assured you won’t be putting your fate in the hands of cowboy scaffolding erectors with no training or coverage!


In Surrey and require scaffolding erectors? Give L & A Scaffolding a call on 01883 348 600. We offer free advice and estimates on all work.